Why is it important to fill out a self-assessment accurately?

At Eye Immigration we use a profiling system to gather information about our clients. Information that is vital to the individual’s application. For instance, work experience, education, language fluency, and age. All these factors are crucial in determining a client’s success. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to fill out an assessment with honesty and integrity. Similarly, filling out the self-assessment with information missing will only delay the application process. Please fill out the self-assessment accurately by completing the entire assessment.

1) Click on the top right tab called “Assessment” it’s located right next to

” About”

2) Then another tab will pop up called “Free Assessment”

3) Click on “Free assessment” which will take you to Eye immigration client portal.

4) If you are a new client, click on the “new client” and if you are an existing client click on “returning client”

5) The next step is to fill out necessary details like email, name and phone number and so forth on so that we can contact you.

6) Please answer the next series of questions genuinely to allow us to assess your situation. Please give yourself enough time to fill out the details accurately. Especially, education, work experience, and language fluency.

7) We will get back to you within 24 hours after completion of your assessment.


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