1. Is there any other way to get immigrated to Canada other than an express entry with my current IELTS score?


Yes! certainly, there are numerous ways designed by Canadian government to come to Canada. However, Express entry is the fastest method of entry, as it only requires 6 months for processing and is the fastest immigration process designed by the Federal Government of Canada. There are several other programs designed by the Canadian government and they are as follows.

  1. Provincial Nominee programs
  2. Studying in Canada
  3. Working in Canada: Come to Canada by being eligible for an open work permit
  4. Investment in Canada: Immigrate to Canada through Investment in Canada


  1. How much time the whole immigration process takes?

Different Immigration application takes different time depending on how, where and what you are applying for. For more info checkout this. Find out different processing times by clicking here Processing times

  1. What is the total cost of Immigration process?

The total cost of immigration can vary, depends on the services + professional fees + government fees + taxes. Pricing is always agreed upon by both the client/clienteles and the immigration firm. In Canada, taxes apply to everything and our service includes taxes

  1. At what intervals do I need to pay you the charges?

The fees are structured to pay at a mutually agreed payment convenience plan by both the client and the company. They are structured to be paid at certain intervals that is affordable, convenient and timely reducing overall cost and loss of time for both the client and immigration firm.

  1. Is my money is in safe hands? Can we trust you with our Money?

At Eye Immigration, our goal is to HELP people. Our code of conduct is to abide by ethics, dignity, and transparency. We are in good standing with ICCRC which is the is the national regulatory body that promotes and protects the public interest by overseeing regulated immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors. Here is a sample mandate of ICCRC

Standard with all regulatory bodies, ICCRC fulfills its mandate by:

  1. Establishing entry-to-practice requirements of applicants seeking admission into the regulated professions
  2. Overseeing their professional development and conduct
  3. Licensing professionals
  4. Receiving, investigating and adjudicating complaints
  5. Administering a disciplinary process to sanction professionals who fail to meet the regulator’s standards.

For more on different immigration pathways in Canada checkout this link here Different ways to Immigrate to Canada

For more info Checkout ICCRC by clicking here ICCRC

  1. Can you help me get a job in Canada (With or without PR)?

We can certainly help you with references to job positions however, at Eye Immigration our primary goal remains to be Immigration and not recruitment. Nevertheless, we can help you with a job search. Our primary focus remains immigration and citizenship.


  1. What do you think the success ratio of mine for getting the PR?

At Eye Immigration we deal with cases that tend to differ from one another because of the candidates. Each candidate is different, with different work, education and language fluency credentials. Hence, it’s difficult to come up with a success ratio. We like challenges and complex cases if everything provided by the client is legal, legible, true and authentic.


  1. Will I get PR for a certain region in Canada or whole?

If you apply under a Federal program you are eligible to live in any Canadian province or territory of your choosing (other than Quebec).  If you choose to apply for PR under a provincial program you may have to live in that province for certain period.

  1. What is the success ratio of yours in terms of getting PR?

Success cannot be spelled without “u” or “you” in this case. Our success rate is dependent on you. If you provide us with all documentation in a timely manner, all documents are legible, digital photos, relevant financial statements, support of employers, most importantly, authentic, legal, legible and accurate information chances of your success is dramatically high. However, on the flipside, if the information is missing, inaccurate, irrelevant and falsified chances are extremely low. At Eye Immigration, the key to success is yourself and ethics.


  1. Is my CRS score is enough to get the PR positively else kindly guide or suggest increasing the same?

CRS score is never enough, CRS depends on several factors, like age, education, work experience, and language. If you have high CRS scores in all the following mentioned chances are you may be a high-ranking candidate. You must have high CRS scores in all the aforementioned factors. However, if you do not have a high score you can always work on improving them by getting a second diploma, taking IELTS again. Perhaps even adding more work experience gained legally in desired NOC’s (0, A or B)

Click here to see how CRS works Understand how CRS score WORKS


12.How to take Self Assessment on Eye Immigration Website?

1) Click on the top right tab called “Assessment” it’s located right next to

” About”

2) Then another tab will pop up called “Free Assessment”

3) Click on “Free assessment” which will take you to Eye immigration client portal.

4) If you are a new client, click on the “new client” and if you are an existing client click on “returning client”

5) The next step is to fill out necessary details like email, name and phone number and so forth on so that we can contact you.

6) Please answer the next series of questions genuinely to allow us to assess your situation. Please give yourself enough time to fill out the details accurately. Especially, education, work experience, and language fluency.

7) We will get back to you within 24 hours after completion of your assessment.